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Slammer can refer to: a slang term for prison or jail; SQL Slammer, a computer worm; an AIM AMRAAM missile, nicknamed Slammer; Sholef / Slammer.
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Doctor Slammer and his friends repaired to the barracks, and Mr. Winkle, accompanied by Mr. Snodgrass, returned to their inn. As it was, Slammer stumped off in anger, leaving the Pickwickians to enjoy the evening in their own way.

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Doctor Slammer was old; Jingle was young, and the lady felt flattered. As "one who slams," from Usually the slammer. Also called the slam.

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Then, we step back to see what effects they might have on society at large. Today, the spotlight is on slam poetry. Gearhead Slang For The Fast Lane Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. Nearby words slam , slam dance , slam dunk , slam-bang , slam-dunk , slammer , slamming , slamming stile , slander , slanderous , slang.

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